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SIGNS: Partisan thievery deplorable

| April 21, 2010 10:00 PM

A short time ago, a gentleman I had not known previously knocked on my door. He introduced himself and asked if he could put a couple of political signs along the street on my land. I thought for a moment and said “Go ahead, it’s a free country.” He went ahead and posted them.

Not much later they were stolen. If the opposing political party didn’t like them, they must have removed them. Are thieves running for government offices in Kootenai County? If the guilty party did the thievery, do we want them to run our government?

If it wasn’t the opposing political party, why would anyone else steal them?

If the opposition had politely asked if they could also put up their signs, I would have said, “Go ahead, there’s plenty of space.” Now they will likely have to pay the penalty.

They will be informed on by someone — it is the American Way.


Dalton Gardens

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