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VOTE: Time for the hard workers

| April 18, 2010 10:00 PM

Have we left our brains to those who call themselves experts long enough to forget that we can think too? 

Please understand that this economy was derived from the freedom to take a chance, not on control. I personally bought a two-room cabin in 1969 and sold it as a six-room house in 1980 and did all the work myself, without a permit or inspection of any kind. 

The last time I drove by it was still there, occupied, with little change. This means to me that my work and judgment were sufficient. Many of the nicest houses here and elsewhere were built long ago, while we were still free and depended on ourselves to solve our problems!  Today it would cost me more to get the expert advice on what is allowed and the permission to build it than the entire building cost then! 

Is this what we call progress, or only another case of legalized robbery by our elected officials? Let’s understand that FEAR is the easiest thing to provide and sell, and also gives the most profit.          Is it any wonder that everyone wants to help us with something? I have always said that fear is “lack of understanding.” A friend says it is False Expections Appearing Real. The meanings are similar and of equal value. 

When we still had private ownership of property, we understood that ownership IS control, and that if you do not control it, you certainly can’t believe that you own it. Therefore, if we really want to return to a Free Republic (as this country was founded to be) we must elect free thinkers to public office and stop expecting value from legal manipulators and actors. They can and will make pretty promises and speeches but are professional liars and are inclined to write things so they can be argued several ways. It would be much better to elect farmers, loggers and construction workers who don’t know law, but do understand that mistakes are always costly, sometimes fatal, and spend their lives getting difficult problems solved without losing sight of that basic truth. 

Figures don’t lie, but liars can figure. Try to find someone who will take your vote and use it to advance YOUR personal freedom, not their own bank account.



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