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CAMPAIGN: No room for slander

| April 18, 2010 10:00 PM

Last Tuesday morning I had a conversation with Larry Spencer, someone who is openly supportive of Jai Nelson for County Commissioner in District 2.  Our conversation ensued because I found a Nelson campaign sign on my property and called him to let him know that I had removed it.

This discussion with Mr. Spencer was very disturbing for me, in that some of the talk regarding the candidate I support was very incriminating and was being told to me as fact. Mr. Spencer, who has had issues in the past with exaggerated opinions, states that he is running Ms. Nelson’s campaign. If that is so, it is a campaign that is turning to innuendos, insults and in my opinion, downright slanderous comments being made about one of the other candidates without any verification or validation. I am not referencing differing political views, which is  a healthy way to campaign, but remarks that cause defamation of character.

I have little tolerance and less belief in this type of politics. I hoped the Kootenai County candidates and their campaigns were above this type of behavior, but with the race so tight, apparently some are not. I base my vote on facts, documented and proven facts that come from research, documents, and truth.  I will put my vote for that candidate who displays good qualifications and honesty, and that is why I am giving my full support to Chris Fillios, one of the best-qualified candidates we have.


Coeur d’Alene

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