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Idaho high school backs girl lacrosse player

| April 17, 2010 9:00 PM

BOISE (AP) - A southwestern Idaho high school has voted to allow a girl to play on the boys lacrosse team in defiance of the lacrosse league that has already banned her from taking the field.

The Borah High School board vote on Thursday regarding Sara Maras conflicts with the Treasure Valley Lacrosse League board.

"Within our constitution we have a non-discrimination clause regarding gender," said Borah coach Erik Jones. "We would be going against that clause if we did not allow Sara on the team."

Maras has played in two games with the boys junior varsity this season and Jones has been suspended one game by the league so far because of her participation.

Jones said Maras will likely play on Saturday in a varsity game.

Maras said she prefers the more physical version of the game played by boys teams because she considers it a higher level than the girls game where rules limit contact between players.

League Commissioner Stephen Smith said the board will meet Wednesday to consider its options. The league's board previously voted 18-4 not to allow Maras to play on the boys team.

"It's disappointing just because the TVLL with equal representation made an overwhelming decision to not allow her to play," said Idaho Lacrosse Association president LeAnn Hume. "So by allowing her to play varsity or junior varsity, it weakens our league. If the league participants ignore the decisions, what's the point of having a league with rules and bylaws and policies?"

Smith said he planned to suspend Jones one game for each game in which Maras played with the junior varsity. He said Jones could also be suspended if Maras played on the varsity team.

"I am charged with enforcing the policies of the board," Smith said. "If she plays Saturday, I guess I'll probably have to do something."

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