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ELECTION: Where this vote's going

| April 16, 2010 10:00 PM

 I’m sure we have all seen a game that was won because of a bad call by a referee. But how many of us have witnessed the winning team protest that they should have lost because of that bad call and that the other team should have the honor of the win?

We have witnessed something greater than a football or baseball win that was not justified.

By any poll that one wishes to acknowledge, the new national health plan was rejected by the majority of Americans, yet it was passed not by Republicans vs. Democrats, but by Democrats vs. Democrats.  Whether we are rejoicing or crying because of the final vote, there is an underlying travesty that we should all be concerned about. And that is, many of the people who were voted into office to represent their constituents, voted against their constituents’ wishes. This should send an alarm to all!

In the April 12 Press, Leo Gerard the president of United Steelworkers International shot himself in the foot by referring to the Tea Party as an “angry mob.” Apparently he doesn’t realize that 41 percent of that “angry mob” is made up of Democrats and Independents.

The Democrats have gone so far left that they have fallen of the cliff and the Republican Party is running after them as fast as they can. JFK, in today’s political arena, would be considered too far right to be accepted as a Republican candidate.

The Republican Party is concerned that someone might run as a third party, possibly a Tea Party candidate. If such should happen, it would probably be a sure victory for the Democrats. Frankly I’m tired of voting for the lesser of two evils and I refuse to do it again!  

I don’t care which side of the aisle a person sits on or if the person running is a fourth or fifth party candidate with no chance of winning, just so long as they represent me and my values and not some special interest group that we were assured would no longer exist under the Obama administration.    



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