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WILL: In hands of strangers

| April 11, 2010 10:00 PM

Idaho’s dear governor wants to put our Living Will decisions, end of life decisions or near end of life decisions into the “trusting hands” of complete strangers with SB 1353.

That’s right, by now you’ve had the letter “hand delivered.” Makes for good drama, doesn’t it? Funny how certain politicians are so concerned with our personal individual rights, until it’s inconvenient to them, or stands in the way of courting a certain segment of voters ahead of an upcoming election cycle.

Of course if your a women, gay or of a “colored” persuasion, in Idaho, you might be saying “rights? what rights?”  Don’t you feel comforted by knowing the governor has more concern for some strangers feelings than yours? You see a stranger knows far better than you or your loved ones what is right by you and your own conscience, and faith, or lack of, as he champions SB1353 along with Idaho elected GOP representatives.

This is as bad as the recent attempt to take seniors rights away from them in matters of driving and put the decision in the hands of strangers again. Likewise, by now, we all know how much he cares about the “doughnut hole” or our kids being insured. Yes,  instead we’ll all be so much better off by opting out (a lost battle using unavailable capital) and helping private insurance continue their double digit premium hikes and record recent profits and bonuses. You go Idaho!


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