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Survey reveals gardening trends

| April 9, 2010 9:00 PM

(NewsUSA) - A "punk-rock" gardening revolution is occurring in the U.S., as found in Husqvarna and Gardena's annual Global Gardening Report 2010.

Amateur gardeners reign supreme on the Internet, and the expert gardeners' expertise is being challenged throughout the blogosphere.

Bloggers are less apt to follow the gardening experts and pave their own way. Many amateurs are even sharing their foliage failures via blogs to show and educate other gardeners. With social networking continuing to rise, Americans throughout the blogosphere are showing that it takes a village to raise a rosebush.

Urban farming is also prevalent in the United States. A push for sustainability and green living has growers from Oregon to New York creating their own version of Eden in any small space available. This includes indoor growing of herbs and plants used in kitchens for cooking purposes. With a focus on fresh, local ingredients and self-reliance, urbanites are now more apt to pluck a leaf of basil from a pot in their kitchen than sprinkle dried-up plant crumbs on Wednesday night's chicken parmesan.

Jay Dahlin, an urban gardener in Chicago, Ill., said that gardening, for him, is an obsession and addiction, noting that he thinks about it constantly from March to October. While growing mostly native plants in his garden, Dahlin says he likes to think that he is re-establishing a very small part of the lost prairie ecosystem.

With spring right around the corner, weathered wintered minds around the U.S. are turning towards all things green. Husqvarna and Gardena, manufacturers of high-quality gardening equipment, identified trends in thirteen different countries after analyzing nearly 1.4 million blog posts worldwide. As experts in the gardening industry, they offer guidance on multiple types of agriculture from farm acres to flowerbeds.

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