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OBAMA: Buying Democratic votes

| April 9, 2010 10:00 PM

In the grade school book “Animal Farm” the animals agreed that they were all equal. Over time, the pigs decided that they were “more equal,” so they moved into the farmhouse and lived like kings over the other animals.

I see that Obama has started yet another program to help those who traditionally vote for Democrat candidates. If you are a teacher, policeman, firefighter or EMT, the government will give you up to half off the list price of a home. That’s right, the people with some of the most secure jobs, working for the government can now get a home at half off, conveniently funded by the taxes on those in the private sector and the debt that will be paid for by our children and grandchildren.

It must be nice to be more equal than the rest of us. I teach my children that in America, we are all in it together, but now I see that we aren’t going to be treated equally. Is our president trying to make Democrats ashamed of themselves for supporting him? I see he is at least going to be successful at that.


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