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HOME: Payment delay hurts badly

| April 9, 2010 10:00 PM

In regard to your Medicaid article dated 3-31-10, in the Cd’A Press. WE are a C.F.H. that cares for loved ones that cannot stay in their own home for whatever reasons. We love this person and care for him as our own. We have a very modest clean home that houses this person. We had an outside job but saw a need in our community to care for these Clint’s so we promised God that we would use his house, for his work. That will go on forever, but to do this we need to know that our money will be there for us to do his wonderful job that the lord provided for us. These are people too and they need to be cared for also. I’m sure most people go home with your checks , and think nothing about the rest of the world. It was just last month when computers were down and we again had to wait for three weeks to be paid. How fair was that? We cannot wait another month or so to be paid for our service. What about our elderly people? What will happen to them? Who will care! If the lord would of helped us with a bigger home I know we would care for more people if we could, sinse we only have one spare room, one is all we can have, at this time. They worked hard and our mentally ILL PEOPLE CANT. BUT GOD DON’T MAKE NO JUNK.


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