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HOLDER: Needs to earn respect

| April 9, 2010 10:00 PM

I am responding to the recent letter by Katherine Wallenhaupt regarding “FOOLISH: Politicicians no laughing matter.”

I wholly disagree that we should support our politicians just because they have been elected to an office. I agree we should respect and support the office itself, but when a clown is elected to office, there is no need to respect the clown. It is the office holder that needs to earn any respect he/she is due. It is necessary to criticize (sp?) and bad mouth them if those elected do not follow our wishes or standards. Such criticism may not change the incumbent, but it may encourage someone to run against the incumbant that will more closely follow the limitations of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

As for where are the stories of what they do that is good? Two things, they must first do good; and second, good does not sell news to the public as well as bad. Sad, but true.



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