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ARTICLE: Paints ugly picture

| April 9, 2010 10:00 PM

It really is too bad that Rick Thomas has already decided that Mr. Lux is guilty and has determined to put a bad taste in anyone’s mouth that chooses to eat at Pepe Caldo before even ordering a pizza. Why wasn’t this article about a new upstart company carrying on the tradition of a business that I am sure many locals have fond memories? Or how about a profile of an entrepreneur, wanting to create jobs in our community in one of the toughest economies in history?

It could have been the story of someone that is persevering in the face of litigation that is being thrust upon him in age old adage of “guilt by association.” It could have been about a local businessman that has had a run of tough luck but is determined to find a way to earn a living in the place he has chosen to be his home.

There are many people that know Steve Lux and his fierce loyalty, his generosity and sense of integrity. I certainly hope Mr. Thomas will be as vigorous in his efforts to exonerate Steve Lux when all of the facts are known, as he was to paint an ugly picture of a man too few get to know.


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