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RIGHTS: Aryans say support strong

| April 7, 2010 5:21 AM

On March 28 three individuals and myself protested Rachel Dolezal’s speech on “ Human rights education for the youth.” Sorry Rachel, but a great portion of the community does not stand by you on the human rights agenda. It may only have been four of us who were actually standing on the sidewalk, however the support we got by the local community even surprised us.

I would like to thank the Vietnam vet who approached us to say we are doing good work and he understands that human rights truly stands for communism, homosexuality and non-white crime. Also a big thanks goes out to all the passerby motorists that honked in support and the ones who yelled “ keep up the good work.” It looks like more people in the community have opened their eyes to the true agenda of the human rights task force.


CJCC/Aryan Nations


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