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CATHOLICS: Time for outrage is here

| April 7, 2010 5:22 AM

Yes indeed, where is the outrage? The latest revelations about the Catholic Church’s abuse and rape of children across Europe sicken the mind and heart of any parent. If this were any other church/denomination, the world would be screaming for its banishment as an organization, especially a “Christian” one.

I say the (Catholic) Church because it has become obvious that they are involved in covering up and buying off those who have been so hideously violated. How much have they spent in Spokane alone?

And how can parents continue to send their children to the schools run by this pitiful organization? And, in their so called church, can you imagine any sane parent wanting their son to be a choir or altar boy?

Why aren’t there hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands, of these abusers and violators streaming into prisons across the world. God will certainly exact a terrible judgment upon these most heinous criminals.


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