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Bullard seeks 4th District position

| April 7, 2010 9:00 PM

Mike Bullard would like to be a voice in Boise for the people of Coeur d'Alene. The retired pastor is running for State legislative 4th District Seat A, saying that the people of Idaho can build a brighter future.

Bullard, 61, believes the current hot political climate takes focus off too many important business matters.

"The key to addressing our education budget and other issues is to bring people, jobs and businesses into Idaho, and doing that requires a trusted state government," he said.

He pointed out that Idaho offers a unique opportunity for that trust since its small population encourages accessibility of its elected leaders.

Born and raised among the mountains of Tennessee where he worked his own way through college, he and his wife, Betsy, have lived 22 years in Idaho, 17 of those in Coeur d'Alene.

He has a doctorate in pastoral care for victims of sexual and domestic violence. He has served as volunteer and board member for two women's shelter programs. His involvement in two county medical centers includes four years as Trustee of Magic Valley Regional Medical Center in Southern Idaho.

He was on the advisory board of a school similar to Project CDA High School, co-chaired an elementary school boundary committee for District 271, and has been active in numerous school, community and musical projects and programs.

He was once named "Citizen of the Year" in a community in Indiana. Describing himself as a lifelong learner, he is currently an independent graduate student at the University of Idaho.

Bullard said he never walked anybody's party line. He agrees with Republicans about clean, low budgets, individual responsibility, and a government that does not try to do everything for everybody.

However, he says that too much remains hidden with only one party in control, no matter which party that is.

That's why he says Democrats should "reach back to historical concerns for everyday, hard working people, education and fairness for all."

He wants to see a restoration of confidence in government that has two-party dialogue, no election uncontested, and no party line unquestioned."

"Idaho is an incredible state, not just because of its mountains, forests and waters, but because of its wonderful people, their hard work, resourcefulness, and neighborly generosity," Bullard said. "Idaho should be a model of independence and personal responsibility for all the country. If we will work together, we will not just get through tough, contentious times, but in fact build a foundation for far greater times to come."

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