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ABORTION: Not a laughing matter

| April 7, 2010 5:16 AM

How you could waste space in publishing Mr. Larsen’s letter “Celebrate Conception Day, kids” in My Turn on March 26, is beyond me. Obviously, Mr. Larsen’s mental maturity is lacking as is his ability to think logically.

Paying for health care has nothing to do with whether or not a baby in the womb is a life or not. Do we kill people because they can’t pay their hospital bill? Since when does someone’s life have a price tag on it? By the way, Mr. Larsen, the so called “health care reform” is simply a bill to regulate every aspect of our lives. And if you think it’s really going to guarantee health care for everyone — think again. Taxes pay for this system — money doesn’t grow on trees for it — and most of us will no longer have our businesses because they’ve taxed and put so many stipulations, regulations, etc., on it that we will be out of business. Everyone out of business equals no jobs or for larger corporations — fewer jobs. So how is this so called health care going to be funded. At best it will be minimal care for fewer people. Those too old or disabled and judged to be “not worth saving” will next be on the disposable list — like abortion victims are now. Health care workers — doctors, nurses, etc., will be few because there will be no incentives to even pursue those careers — and make more negatives than positives in doing so.

Our country has steadily been in decline as our morals decline. So, come to think of it, Mr. Larsen, maybe your “health care reform” is a good thing. When our nation and its people are under the control of a dictator, as so many nations are now, when we are no longer a free people as we once were, and when we no longer have any place to turn, then maybe our nation will come to its knees and acknowledge the One who gives us life and all things in it!



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