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USA: Time to split into two countries

| April 6, 2010 8:00 AM

I think it's time -- time for the USA to split into two separate countries.  If this were a marriage, we would call it irreconcilable differences and neither side can compromise their core beliefs.  The result is the bitterness, hatred, deceit, even violence that we see daily now -- and getting worse.

One side wants smaller government, greater freedom, personal responsibility, controlled borders, sanctity of human life, respect for others, expression of religious beliefs, God as the ultimate authority.  The fruit of this type of nation is "Don't Tread on Me" independence.

The other side wants larger government, cradle-to-grave care, government protection from personal responsibility, "me" orientation, open borders, has little value of human life, religion kept in a closet, man as the ultimate authority.  This is the side that holds power today and is decreasing Americans' standard of living.

Prediction:  Soon it will be more in line with other nations and pave the way for the creation of an American Union, very like the European Union, which had first to more closely align the standards of its member nations.  Perhaps then we can get on with global unification.

We live in sad times.

      Hans Neumann, Spirit Lake

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