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Records April 6, 2010

| April 6, 2010 9:00 PM


Kootenai County Sheriff


2:36 p.m.: An original oil painting owned by a resident of the 4600 block of South Celine Drive near Coeur d'Alene and previously appraised at $30,000 was reportedly replaced with a copy by unknown persons.


Michelle E. Cramer from Donald J. Cramer

Jennifer M. Vasquez from Carlos J. Vasquez

Carrie A. Murray from Raymond E. Murray

Kristy I. Johnson from Jeremy T. Johnson


Tricia L. Landers from Todd W. Landers

Steven T. Dennis from Lynn E. Dennis

Theresa Lavoie from Christopher Lavoie

Jennifer Gillham from Robert Gillham

Justin S. Blakley from Amy D. Blakley

Elsie A. Winters-Pagel from Roger A. Pagel


Spokane Teachers Credit Union v. Joseph Dyer et al., was awarded judgment of $20,856.01.

Bank of America et al., v. Linda C. Audap, was awarded judgment of $6,841.31.

Household Bank (SB) N. A., v. Brian C. Seibert, was awarded judgment of $5,956.82.

Andrew Cunningham v. Ronald Bermel, was awarded judgment of $10,484.

Tarrant Assurance Corporation v. Command Center Inc., et al., was awarded judgment of $165,000.

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