Tuesday, May 11, 2021
Chicks n’ Chaps donated $4,654.88 to Kootenai Health Foundation’s Cancer Patient Support Program. Proceeds were raised by our local Chicks n Chaps chapter and local businesses, with special thanks going to Idaho Forest Group, Mountain Power, Valley Glass, Gem State Mule, Benefits Exchange, Custom Drywall, Custom Insulation and the Kaarlgard Chicks.
Pictured from left: Ann Siebert, Chicks ‘n Chaps chair; Tolli Willhite, Kootenai Health; Kandie Sears, Karen Lynch and Melanie Goularte, Chicks ‘n Chaps committee members; Diana Lillefloren, Kootenai County Fair Foundation; Crissy Schinmann, Chicks ‘n Chaps committee and Kali Singleton, Kootenai Health Foundation.