Monday, December 11, 2023

My Turn

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MY TURN: The story of George is not over

A dog’s life is meant to be cherished and loved. If only they all had that option. Last August, Devin Weeks of the…

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MY TURN: Reckless CLN trustee actions

Risk from actions of the board majority of the Community Library Network continue to rise. Trustees Ottosen, Plass and Hanley are adding liability and eroding CLN’s safeguards; they are actively harming the library…

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MY TURN: Verifiable HURA facts

Let’s talk verifiable fact, as opposed to misunderstanding, misinformation, fearmongering, and sometimes flat out lies.

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MY TURN: Our North Idaho Legislators do not represent us

Our North Idaho legislators do not represent the real needs of Idahoans. They consistently push ideological issues and the legislative goals of the Idaho Freed…

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MY TURN: Join me on Dec. 5 to stop HURA’s expansion

On Nov. 7 I was elected to the Hayden city council. One reason the citizens of Hayden chose me, was my strong sense that the Hayden Urban Renewal Agency (HURA) is no longer serving its statutory purpose, creates an…

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MY TURN: Dereliction of Duty

Congress again avoided a government shutdown and kicked the can down the road for another 45 days, but much damage has been and continues to be done to our all-volunteer military by irresponsible members of Congres…

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MY TURN: Forced to fight

Will my son or daughter be drafted into the military? I am sure thousands of American parents are asking that question, given the current state of world affair…

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MY TURN: Republican Enough

Traditional conservatives, many of whom were Republicans before the insurgents were born, are derided as “RINOs” and encouraged to leave the Party if they don’t like the new direction. All of this raises some impor…

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MY TURN: I can't support the Open Space Bond

On Nov. 7, Kootenai County voters are being asked to approve an Open Space Bond for up to $50 million. While I have been an advocate of open space for decades, this is not the proper way to ask the taxpayer for mon…

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MY TURN: They are not real Republicans

October is noted for fall color, cooler weather, and Halloween, which brings to mind the tricksters going door to door. It is also the season of political campaigns and the workings of political tricksters, trying …

Updated 1 month, 2 weeks ago
MY TURN: Luke Sommer's Troubling Past; a Call for Voter Vigilance

In the city of Hayden's pending mayoral race, the endorsement of Luke Sommer by the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee is causing a stir. While the KCRCC has backed Luke, concerns about his past demand ou…

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MY TURN: 'Out-of-control growth' under Saterfiel, Davis

In the upcoming Hayden election, I’m voting against 17-year incumbent city councilman Roger Saterfiel. I’m also voting against mayoral candidate Alan Davis who…

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MY TURN: Vote against open-ended open space bond

The Open Space Bond is a blank check for unknown projects, in undisclosed locations, at unknown costs. That is bad public policy.

Updated 1 month, 3 weeks ago
MY TURN: Open space and park development bond

On Nov. 7 the Kootenai County Commissioners will be asking you to vote on a $50-million bond to purchase open space and develop county parks. The bond will last 20 years and annually cost property owners $8 per $10…

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MY TURN: Idaho Legislators must do what is right, rather than what is easy

Idaho once led the nation in the support of women’s rights. My cousin, attorney Allen Derr, raised in Clark Fork, Idaho, was known for his role in Reed V. Reed. This Nov. 22, 1971, Supreme Court decision held that …