Sunday, August 14, 2022


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HUCKLEBERRIES: Jesus and the Packers

First, you should know that Ben Fairfield loves the Green Bay Packers. And that he has passed his love for Th...

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MY TURN: Post Falls School Safety Forum

The Uvalde school shooting is the most recent school shooting; but, unfortunately, will not be the last.

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MLP had not went

Your Mrs. Language Person is something of a fuddy duddy.

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COMMENTARY: Idaho needs the Quality Education Act

A citizen’s initiative, the Quality Education Act, will be on the ballot in November. In the initiative big corporations (C Corporations, not S corps or small family owned businesses) will see their taxes returne...

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Main Street: Unexpected camaraderie a yard sale bonus

Last week’s Main Street column on the subject of beginning the process of uncluttering our home via a yard sale definitely struck a chord with quite a few readers, especially my Baby Boomer peers.

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Think it doesn’t matter? Chaos theory says it can

Thursday’s column explored the ancient African concept of ubuntu — the idea we are all somehow connected, so that compassion for another person is, at heart,...

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California reservoirs continue to struggle

The southwestern portion of the country has been suffering from a 22-year drought.

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Sharing stage with a scene-stealing donkey

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MY TURN: Killing women will never be pro-life

This weekend at a state party convention, the Idaho Republican party has resoundingly voted to sacrifice our daughters, our wives, and our mothers to protect a political concept: absolutely no abortions in Idaho.

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OPINION: A Moon waxes as a Luna wanes

The present-day Republican Party has revealed who it really is and it ain’t pretty. Many of us thought that Tom Luna was way too far to the right, but the ne...

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COMMENTARY: New Moon rising

The Idaho Republican Party’s (IDGOP) biennial convention, held in Twin Falls, wrapped up last Saturday under new leadership with the election of Dorothy Moon...

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A lot to be thankful for in beautiful Kootenai

After what seemed like a longer-than-usual spring, summer is here

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'I am because you are'

That’s ubuntu: The belief that we are defined by our compassion and humanity toward others. A spirit of togetherness. Of our ability to work with one a...

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COMMENTARY: Public lands belong to all of us

...a handful of well-positioned Idaho politicians with help from some out-of-state financial backers want to take control of public land in order to sell it ...

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Removing stuff will be so satisfying

Too much, for far too long

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Polls: Supreme Court gets mixed reviews

The close of the Supreme Court’s 2022 term this month was, as always, not without controversy.