Sunday, August 14, 2022


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HUCKLEBERRIES: Jesus and the Packers

First, you should know that Ben Fairfield loves the Green Bay Packers. And that he has passed his love for Th...

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MY TURN: Telling it like it is

Last week, I opened my favorite paper to see once again the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee Chairman Brent Regan using a platform to spread his ...

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MY TURN: Seeing through an elephant tale

How does one eat an elephant? One bite at a time. With this fact in mind, let’s start consuming the elephant Brent Regan placed before us so as to expose the tripe buried in his story titled “Elephant Metamorphos...

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COMMENTARY: The cancer of anonymity

The first 10 amendments to our Constitution are known as the Bill of Rights enumerates several rights. Some call these “Constitutional Rights” but they are i...

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OPINION: Judge them by their actions, not their words

Members of Idaho’s Congressional delegation would probably not receive any heroism awards for their actions relating to the PACT Act, also known as the “burn...

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Everyday physics, and your own particle accelerator

The most high-profile physics subfield is high-energy and particle physics, where physicists try to break down atoms to find the smallest possible ingredient...

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MY TURN: Time to grow back the Cd'A schools' tree

School means so much to me. It always has. I’ve lived in Coeur d’Alene for over 10 years and have gone to school in this town since preschool. School has always been a safe and stable factor in my life–five days ...

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MY TURN: Concerns over airport project

This letter specifically concerns me about the Airport Project which can involve China as a potential lender. Here is why. Their primary weapon of choice to conquer the world is finance.

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COMMENTARY: Reform or eliminate unfair grocery tax

Anyone who shops for groceries knows that food costs much more than it did just one year ago.

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The little things make a big difference

Ron McIntire has received many awards and much recognition for his public service and prolific philanthropy.

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OPINION: Media bashing not new in Idaho politics

News flash: Conservatives hate the “liberal” media. Always have, and always will. Wayne Hoffman, president of the Idaho Freedom Foundation, well describes...

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MY TURN: Time to return to individual thinking

The CDA Press informative five-part series on social media was a most accurate description. The writer, Mr. Black, asks if we should be concerned that we are...

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MLP kens her kennings

Want to learn something you didn’t know you knew?

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Earth just recently had its shortest day in modern history

Since 2020, our planet has been recording a series of speed records as it recently had its shortest day in modern history.

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Sandy Emerson's Chamber legacy

I first met Sandy Emerson in fall 1984, when he managed the Coeur d'Alene Chamber of Commerce from a small building on what is now the northeast corner of Th...