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Meet Darren Thiesen, a Coeur d’Alene local since 2001. Darren is president of IDHOPS home brewing club and owner of Hayden Independent Auto Service.

Generation: Growing up in the ’90s dates me a little older than millennials, but younger than Gen X. Yes, I had the internet, but it took a landline and funny noises to use it.

Career and community involvement: I have been working in the auto repair field around Coeur d’Alene for most of my adult life. Eight years ago I purchased my auto repair shop in Hayden where my great customers have been keeping me working hard and going strong.

Parental status: I am the father of a kind and intelligent 9-year-old boy, a motivated and driven 12-year-old girl and I am also happily helping raise a charismatic and fun 15-year-old girl.

1. When and why did you begin brewing beer at home?

I have always liked experimenting and doing things on my own. Over a decade ago when I learned there was science to making beer at home I was naturally drawn to the hobby.

2. What's the biggest difference between home-brewed beer and store-bought?

All craft beer is brewed with a little bit of love. However, when we home brew, we use a lot of love.

3. What's the most fun you've had being president of IDHOPS?

We have participated in a lot of events over the years for various causes. The most fun I have is when I see these events come together for a good cause, and I get to see people gathering, having fun, and working towards worthwhile goals.

4. What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

I don’t think I ever want to brew beer commercially. I enjoy the camaraderie of the home brew scene, and I would hate to spoil the fun by turning my hobby into a job.

5. What's the secret to making a spectacular batch of homebrew?

Don’t overthink things, and keep it simple. The best beer in the world is made from basic recipes brewed carefully.


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