Chronic tension and headaches

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Millions have tension headaches that are caused by chronic tension in the muscles of the neck, head, and shoulders. Most of those who suffer from these headaches try muscle relaxers and painkillers.

Unfortunately, this manner of treatment is fundamentally wrong. Muscle relaxers and painkillers will give only temporary relief, if any relief at all. And these drugs begin a cycle because the real cause goes untreated. So, the problems get worse and the sufferers take stronger drugs more frequently.

Chronic tension and the path to a tension headache

Chronic shoulder, neck, and head muscle tension can have multiple causes such as poor posture and repetitive tasks. Also, traumatic accidents and whiplash can initiate a tension cycle. And this can get worse over time if you do not get the proper treatment.

You must understand how lactic acid builds up in the muscles. Any muscle will build up lactic

acid when it is used. This may build up a lot and this causes pain. It can also cause any

adhesions in the muscle to become painful. Over time, those same adhesions cause trigger points to develop in the muscle and these can also be very painful.

Now this abnormal positioning of these muscles causes the muscles to assume these bad positions somewhat permanently. Drugs can never restore the natural balance and harmony in these muscles. And these abnormal positions cause the muscles to tighten and this leads to knots and spasms in the muscles.

As the knots and spasms get worse, blood flow is restricted, leading to more knotting. Your

body’s attempt to prevent tears in the muscles is knotting and this becomes more spasmatic

with time. Tension headaches start, the muscle spasms continue, the amount of knotting

increases, and the cycle continues.

If drugs don’t work, what can you do?

This can be treated; drugs are not the answer. The goal is to get long-term pain relief. Neuromuscluar rehabilitation of these muscle systems is a recommended treatment. At Heartfelt Headache Relief, we use this neuromuscular rehabilitation therapy. This gets our

patients reduced pain for the long term.

We use non-invasive technologies like electrical stimulation to increase blood flow to the muscles, ultrasound to release knots and break up scar tissue, and cold laser to bring down the stress in the muscles to increase blood flow. These technologies are FDA approved and have been proven to relieve pain. They work.

If you have tension headaches that result from imbalances, it’s time to seek a comprehensive diagnosis so you can restore harmony in the muscles and bring this pain cycle to an end. There

is a test which will reveal if this treatment protocol will help patients who are suffering with these tension headaches. And if this test shows that the protocol will work, you can have hope that this chronic condition can be greatly improved in getting you pain free.

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Dr. Donald Johnson founded Heartfelt Headache Relief to help people live free with no limits. And Stop the Pain. His office is at 114 W. Neider Ave., near Costco in Coeur d’Alene. The website for more information is and the office phone is (208) 667-4551. Schedule an appointment for a free consultation today!

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