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Iíve got hate, fear and an AK-47.

And no, I wonít be going to heaven,

Cause Jesus Christ said: Love your

Neighbor like you love yourself.

And all Iíve got is lots of ammo on my shelf

With desperation, and anger in my vault,

But itís not all my fault!

I grew up in America and I knew

what was right and wrong.

Until hate TV, radio and social

media came along.

Now I live in a nation of

hostile tribes,

With a government controlled by lobbyist bribes.

I grew up in the land of the free

And the home of the brave.

I never thought the country would

become a corporate slave.

Corporations, arenít they great?

Theyíre the true rulers of the state.

Thereís no limit to their greed.

The root of all evil is their creed.

And make no mistake in what you see,

Itís behind all the violence in the land of the free.


Coeur díAlene

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