DEMS: Losing game — and credibility

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Does anyone want to play a game with someone who changes the rules mid-stream because they are losing? No, not likely.

Well, two years after President Trump took office, that’s exactly what some Democrats are trying to do. Obviously, they know they have lost their electorate. These are the changes they seek:

• Do away with the Electoral College.

• Allow 16-year-olds to vote.

• Allow illegal aliens to vote. (Although they won’t call them that.)

• Allow illegals to be counted in the census.

• Allow felons in prisons to vote.

And along with that, this is what the Democrat Party now stands for.

• Abortion up to and even past the moment of birth (if the abortion was botched).

• Open borders.

• No expectation of assimilation.

• Free everything to everyone. (In spite of our $22 trillion debt.)

• Destroy the Second Amendment.

• Attack on the First Amendment.

• No retribution (and thereby acceptance) for anti-Semitic behavior and beliefs.

• Condemnation of capitalism and advancement of full-blown socialism.

For those who doubt me, simply “Google” any of it and find a resource outside CNN.

The Democrats need to flat out take back their party. Because it has gone so far left, it is hurting all of us! We need two parties. But the Democrat Party is no longer the same. Time for clean up. I’m calling foul. Get back in the game and play by the rules.



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