Time to give thanks, everybody

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If youíre lucky, friends and family will gather with you around the traditional Thanksgiving Day table tomorrow.

The TV will be turned off.

The candles will be on.

Youíll give thanks. And then youíll eat like thereís no tomorrow. And then youíll give thanks because unlike so many in our country and around the world, you know youíll eat darned near as well tomorrow if you want to.

If youíre lucky, you might also be thankful for:

Decent health.


Splendid seasons.

Clean sheets.

Open minds.

Open hearts.

Second winds.

First responders.

Ghastly groaners.

Hot showers.

Happy children.



Good movies.

Great books.

Lifelong learning.

Considerate neighbors.

Having enough.

Just enough.

And if youíre really, really lucky? Youíll be thankful for friends who do the right things when nobodyís looking and help others who will never be able to pay them back. There might be no better blessing than friends like these.

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