An election maybe we all can agree on

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One of these things is not like the others.

Can you guess which one?

A. Books hidden in public library

B. Bigoted postcards in the mail

C. Racist messages hidden in stores

D. Holiday Light Show at The Resort

If you guessed D. because it has nothing to do with being written down, youíd actually be wrong. USA Today is involved, so the written word and images are part of the picture.

But if you guessed D. because itís an extremely positive source of community pride that can help unite rather than divide us, youíd be absolutely correct.

Letís admit it. Some of the extreme news locally has cast a shadow over this wondrous place we call home. In the case of the ultra-conservative book hider who decided what citizens should and should not read, that shadow has gone around the world. It does North Idaho no favors.

The Coeur díAlene Resort Holiday Light Show has been nominated for the nationís best public holiday lights display on the ďUSA Today 10BestĒ website. Being nominated actually means something. The national newspaperís experts searched far and wide for the 20 top public holiday light shows, and the Resortís made the grade.

This is where you come in.

Between now and Monday, Dec. 2 at 9 a.m., you can vote for Coeur díAlene at:

Much like a Chicago mayoral election, you can vote early and often. The rules allow you to cast a ballot every day. The site will even tell you how many hours you must wait before adding another tally to the total. For the seriously committed, the site lets you spread the good word by clicking on ďShare this nominee.Ē

Last year, the Resort display came in fifth nationally. Many of you voters can take a bow for that, but the hope here is that we can do better. Why settle for less than the best? Why not pull together and bring the Coeur díAlene show the illuminating top honor we all know it deserves?

Vote now. Letís create some beautiful headlines together.

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