Young boy sets example for needy adults

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Lemonade, 50 cents.

Bottled water, $1.

Camdyn’s health, priceless.

Thank goodness, parents will go to extremes to protect their children. Camdyn Thompson, a 7-year-old Post Falls resident, has the kind of parents every child should want. But he also has something other children might lack.


Camdyn, diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as a 4-year-old, isn’t waiting for somebody else to raise money so he can get a specially trained dog that could save his life. Even at 7, he’s working for it, as witnesses attested recently while patronizing the lad’s lemonade stand.

Camdyn’s family, led by parents Wade and Terina Thompson, have hosted garage sales to raise money for a dog that can cost $10,000 or more. Each time, Camdyn peddles his lemonade — quite successfully, according to reliable sources.

Even at 7, Camdyn is setting a powerful example. Many people have financial challenges. Health. Credit card debt. School loans. Cars that stop running. Spouses who stop working.

Too often, the immediate reaction is a plea for help with no sweat attached. That approach has never been easier than it is today. If you need money, simply ask for it on GoFundMe,,, indiegogo, rockethub, plumfund,, and on and on and on.

How is it that a little boy with a dangerous illness is willing to do what so many other fund-seekers won’t? The answer, we’re betting, is that Camdyn is being brought up right. Working for some of the donations will resonate more with generous souls than offering nothing in exchange. If a sick little boy can do that, who can’t?

Camdyn’s lemonade is 50 cents.

His bottled water is $1.

His million-dollar smiles are free.


Read about Camdyn’s canine quest:

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