At the polls: Boone County voters talk about medical marijuana


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As Boone County voters headed to the polls, the Missourian asked some them about issues that caught their attention. Here's what they had to say.

On Amendment 2:

"I don't think marijuana should be legal because it's abused by a generation that supports socialism."

ó Steve Croucher, 59, business owner, Columbia

"I believe medicinal marijuana should be allowed, especially if they have certain laws to regulate that. It should be allowed for people who have medical situations and need it."

óAimee Stein, 19, student, Columbia

"I came out today because of the medical marijuana issue and keeping the state red. I think it's important because it's a privilege that my dad fought for."

ó Shary Auer, 53, file clerk, Columbia

"I think the amendments for medical marijuana should pass because itís healthy for patients with PTSD. I work in hospitals, so I see the effects for myself."

ó Brandon Balencia, 22, medical student, Columbia

"The marijuana issues (interested me). I have family members with Parkinsonís and MS (multiple sclerosis) and just think that for medical purposes it should definitely be legal and utilized fully."

ó Karen Backes-Dothage, 54, self-employed, Ashland

"Iím voting today because Trump needs to be out of office, and Kavanaugh is misogynistic. Medical marijuana is useful and helps people. Iím voting because the Republican Party needs to act like the Republican Party again and not a bunch of puppets."

ó Stephanie Berry Carter, 62, nurse practitioner, Columbia

"Medical marijuana is important to me because it should be our choice to use it, and itís another step closer to legalizing it recreationally."

ó Brianna Swartz, 27, office manager for Midwest Computech, Columbia

"Iím voting yes for medical marijuana today because I think itís way more beneficial than harmful. Iím also voting for Claire McCaskill because she supports womenís reproductive rights and the environment, both things I believe in."

ó Wendy Cobb, 21, plant science major, Columbia

"I absolutely wanted Claire McCaskill to win again, and I wanted one of the marijuana issues to win ... Amendment 2 and Proposition C, but not Amendment 3."

ó Charles McKinley, 67, retired Modine Manufacturing Co. employee, Ashland

"I definitely wanted to vote for medical marijuana. I know a lot of veterans dealing with PTSD, and I think it could help them."

ó Dustin Gonnerman, 37, Ashland

"Basically the marijuana amendment and the minimum wage increase (brought me out today)."

ó Shelly LeCur, 48, accountant, Ashland

"Iím an immigrant, so I wanted to voice my opinion. Vote yes for marijuana for medical use."

ó David Findley, 52, sales engineer and immigrant from Scotland, Ashland

"I know the medical marijuana one was important because it's something we've been pushing for a while, and I feel like it's important to people who really need it."

ó Ciairah Brandy, assistant manager at Sally Beauty, Columbia

"Legalizing medical marijuana (brought me to the polls). My aunt has really severe RA (rheumatoid arthritis), and itís helped her, so I think that is really important."

óKatie Brettmann, 21, MU student, Columbia

"I am a strong Republican. And I specifically came for Finley Gibbs and Josh Devine. And then the three marijuana issues. Yes on 2. No on 3 and C. I have family members that could use the medical. This is helping children who have difficulty with seizures and other medical issues." ó Cheryl Isgrig, 50, paralegal at Ford, Parshall and Baker, Hallsville"I think the amendments for medical marijuana should pass, because itís healthy for patients with PTSD. I work in hospitals, so I see the effects for myself."ó Brandon Balencia, 22, medical student"I was looking at cannabis initiative. I was hoping at least one of them would be passed. I was pretty much going with the republican ticket on this one. I have kind of been liking how certain things have been going with the economy." ó Jay Pridgeon, 50, sleep technician at University Hospital"I felt pretty strongly about the medical marijuana, in favor of it. I had a grandma a couple of years ago that was just very sick, and she could have very well used that in a good way. So I think used in the right cases it could be a good tool for doctors."ó Amanda McCoy, age 20, nanny in Sturgeon

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