Online Products

Banners/Blast Ads/Expandables

Sold as a Leaderboard, Skyscraper, In-story, Blast, or Expandable, ads are sold primarily by the impression. Every time a page on is fully loaded by a visitor, an impression occurs. The price is from $12/thousand to $24/thousand impressions, depending on number purchased and length of run.

Blast ads are pop-ups that are the most responsive position on our site. If someone is sensitized to a product/service, they will see it and click on it. It runs on the homepage and all local news for 24 consecutive hours. You can expect approximately 15,000 impressions in the 24 hour run. Outstanding for businesses grand openings or closure, special events, sales, and single property real estate. Average cost for a blast ad running 24 hours is $250

The Expandable banner is collapsed until the visitor hovers over the top of it. Using a strong signal encourages a user who is sensitized to the product/service to mouse over the banner, causing the banner to expand to full size. Unlike the blast ad, the expandable banner is on all pages and delivers, on average, nearly 25,000 daily impressions. In addition, the expandable banner may be used for day-parting. For example, targeting customers during non-peak hours. Average price for a 24 hour run is $300 or $60 for a 4-hour run. is our full version of the CDA Press with an e-edition included. This subscriber-based site is included in a print subscription, or $10/month gives a visitor full access, including archives. The same banners are offered for sale on as, with the exception of the blast ad and expandable banner.

Market Place

Become a Featured Listing and enjoy the #1 position in your category of business in our database of all businesses in North Idaho and Eastern Washington. First come, first serve with branding opportunities for your business.

For businesses that don't have a website, enjoy a landing page within your listing with all the information your customers are looking for:

Attach your business to a Google Authority Site ( and enjoy a higher search result on, not only Google, but all of the most used search engines. In addition, easily searchable in Marketplace.

Highly optimized, your listing entitles you to receive up to 10 keyword phrases most searched by visitors. Become highly ranked by visitors performing searches.

As a featured listing, your business logo will ow into a module at the top of the main Marketplace page, giving visitors the opportunity to scroll through featured listings and find your business

Lastly, utilize Facebook, YouTube, audio, video, pdf's, pictures, or any information about your organization, including calendar of events.

WSI-Media One

Our newest online sector provides any web component your business may need. From custom rebuilds to Search Engine Optimization, we can supply your business with much more than a display ad marketing solution.

Custom Web Design — We are the experts in building websites. Using the most advanced programming languages, we connect the dots for our customers by providing a platform for all devices including, traditional web, tablets, and mobile devices. Your site will be built with three things in mind:

  1. The aesthetics and functionality of the site. This is how your site looks to the end user and the ease of navigation.
  2. How your site will be found (SEO). Your 15 year-old daughter may be able to build a website, but can she optimize it so that it can be found? We have a team of people around the world that deliver breaking information on how to best optimize a site for any search engine.
  3. Conversion architecture. While it is important to get people to your site, it is more important to make a sale. We can help you accomplish this by converting a visitor to a customer.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — Being found on a search engine is one of the most important strategies a business can use to grow their business. We can help you move ahead of your competition in the competitive world of SEO, even if you already have a site that is active.

Pay-Per-Click — We can build a marketing campaign to move you instantaneously to the top of search engines, based on the key word phrases that best represent your business. Here, you only pay if a visitor, that performs the search, clicks on your listing.

Social Media Marketing — With the popularity of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, having a social marketing presence not only helps in your SEO, but it is also a great way to market your business, increase brand credibility, and communicate with customers.

Email Marketing — By gathering clients (or potential clients) emails, we can assist you in promoting your business by blasting your message to whom ever you want.

Mobile Development/Mobile SEO — Currently, mobile is the fastest growing sector of the Internet. We can provide any mobile need your business may require. Affordable Template: In an eort to make very affordable mobile sites for our customers, we have created a 3-tab template. Costs are a monthly rate of $50 and a one time production fee of $535. This cost includes unlimited changes made to the site. All custom work requires a detailed needs assessment prior to formal bid. On both template and custom mobile sites, an icon will link to the GPS application of the mobile device.

CDA "Get It"

Enjoy the benefits of an effective digital and print ad on our newest site: Designed as a one-stop-shop for all shopping related businesses, CDA Get it provides a site with specials, coupons, marketplace listings, deals of the day, current print ads in digital format, contests, and classieds.

With both a print and online component, your message will be delivered to the entire market. In addition, because of the weekly print component and the 24-hour online exposure, the frequency of your message will insure the maximum results. Lastly, with CDA "Get it" your message will become a part of the fastest growing sector of the Internet: Mobile

Tab Droplets

CDAPRESS.COM has a navigation bar directing visitors to news, information, and advertising. Starting at $500/mo, an advertiser can direct a visitor directly to their website.

We have advertising opportunities in our COMMUNITY, AUTOMOTIVE, EDUCATION, and REAL ESTATE tabs.

Not only will your business be in the most heavily viewed site in the area, but now it will be connected to a Google authority site, increasing your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Other Online Newspapers

In addition to and, we have 13 other online newspapers within our organization, covering all of North Idaho, Western Montana, and some of Eastern Washington.

Reaching out to small towns or mid-sized communities, our total network online traffic exceeds 1 million monthly unique visitors.

Let us help you make a network buy and drive down the overall cost of your online efforts, or lets combine our online display advertising with a WSI package. We are excited to help you grow your business!

For more information contact Mike Alexander at 208-416-2094 or at